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Ones to watch: My favourite bands to look out for in 2017 

Watching the meteoric and apparently sudden rise of Blossoms over the past year got me thinking: How can you predict whether a band will suddenly become successful?
The short answer is you can’t; fame in the music industry is as fickle a lover as Taylor Swift and more so than ever, practically everyone seems to be in a band or trying to make music of some kind.  Consumers are never as predictable as you might think; I mean who would have thought that vinyl would outsell digital album sales in 2016 or that punk would make such a massive comeback on the alternative music scene?
It’s a hit and miss business and I don’t claim to be some kind of psychic so really these are just my favourite bands that I have a gut feeling are about to make it big this year.
The prevailing mood at the moment seems to be that everyone can’t get enough of guitar bands with an edge, a kind of retro 90’s indie guitar band sound but less angry young man and more poppy with a bit of psychedelia thrown in. For many years the notion of ‘pop’ music was a dirty word on the alternative music scene but it’s suddenly become a buzz word and bands are unashamedly adorning the pop mantle, albeit qualified with the word pysch, punk or indie. So bearing that in mind each week I’m going to spotlight the bands I think are the best of those hovering under the radar but about to burst into the spotlight anytime soon.
This week’s band is  ANTEROS 

ANTEROS are a four-piece band from London, comprising of Laura Hayden (vocals), Joshua Rumble (bass), Charles Monneraud (guitar), Harry Balazs (drums) who are making big waves on the gig circuit this year having performed at Glastonbury last summer.

I first discovered ANTEROS only a couple of weeks ago as they were the second support act for Two door cinema club and to be completely honest I almost missed them but thankfully I didn’t because they literally blew my mind in a way comparable to Sundara last year. I was instantly attracted to the strangely rare combo of a part female indie band and as soon as I heard Laura’s dreamy voice I was literally stunned, and had to catch my breathe..”who ARE this band and why haven’t I heard them before?” With an aesthetic of early Blondie or Pretenders , front woman Laura Hayden has a stage presence that is nothing short of electrifying. Half Spanish Laura seems to have it all, singer, model, dj, presenter and it girl, with appearances on MTV she was already set for the spotlight but it is as lead vocalist of ANTEROS  she is going to make her name. Comparisons to Debbie Harry are inevitable, guys will love her and girls will want to be her.  Not to get too carried away with her appearance, the music on its own is enough to make you go weak at the knees.  ANTEROS are defined by The Guardian as “the smart indie band with 60s pop savvy, 70’s new wave ‘tude and 90s swagger” and after witnessing them perform live I would say that definition sums them up perfectly.

Under the umbrella of prolifica along with TDCC,  their management is clearly grooming them for stardom, with the recent tour support two door and a current tour supporting White Lies  possibly designed to get them noticed ahead of headline appearances later in the year. Everything about them is slick and well marketed but still with that raw indie edge, from their branding to their website it’s all quirky contemporary with a retro feel design and immediately appealing. Even their name itself is an interesting one, their namesake being the Greek god of unrequited love and was apparently inspired by the statue of him in Piccadilly Circus. They wrote a song named ANTEROS and then decided it was a fitting name for the band.
Their recently released EP, Breakfast has a retro psychedelic, feel-good, sunny vibe to it created by Laura’s enigmatic almost dreamlike vocals counterbalanced by memorable gutsy guitar riffs and rousing drums, it’s the kind of stuff that makes you feel like dancing in the rain, and I have little doubt that they will be performing as headliners getting all the requited love they can handle before the year is out.
Click here for more information
Watch  BREAKFAST  video here

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