Reminders “Water Sports and Major Cities” E.P review

As the weather heats up ( as much as it ever does in the uk ) and the festival scene in full swing what better time to listen to some brand new music from beach punk band Reminders. The Isle of Wight trio released their debut E.P last week on local indie label, Chalkpit records and it’s definitely worth a listen. The E.P, named ‘Water sports and major cities’ has 4 tracks, two of which are their previously released singles,’ Purple Stripes’ and ‘If I know you’ and two new tracks, ‘Handbrake’ and ‘I’ll be fine’
My favourite of the 4 is their last single with the opening lyrics from which the EP title is taken ‘If I know you’. I’ve played it on my radio show and it has that unique combination of upbeat summery surf sounds with a punk edge which characterises all the band’s music and also tells a story which is what I love most about frontman Leo Dyke’s song writing. Like their first single ‘Purple Stripes’ which tells the story of an unfortunate romance gone wrong characterised by the purchase of an ugly striped jumper from Primark, all their lyrics have a wry humour and at the same time a highly relatable tale of teen angst wrapped up in a Beach Boys meets Ramones guitar band vibe. The two new tracks don’t fail to deliver either and all together it’s a sweet highly listenable accompaniment to the summer.
Available for download now from all the usual channels, so why not head down to the beach, crack open a cold one and listen to the beach punk sound of this brilliant band.


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