Black Honey – Somebody Better

Having put teasers on social media for the last couple of weeks, Brighton 4 piece psych-rock band, Black Honey have today finally dropped their new single, Somebody Better. It’s a touch of Americana with a memorable infectious chorus – “I guess I’ll learn  to be somebody better,  I won’t get burned, I’ll stay here forever” –and a slightly retro twisted 50’s guitar sound complimenting Izzy B Phillips’ Lana del Ray meets Debbie Harry style vocals, this song conjures up images of Thelma and Louise style road tripping along Route 66 in a pink Cadillac convertible wearing heart-shaped shades with the wind in your hair. It’s a refreshingly summery antidote to a dull Liverpool afternoon, and I loved it.

Photo credit: Charlotte Patmore

With their signature artwork by Olivia Savage, the overall aesthetic is of 1950s Sol-Cal, and the single comes with the equally Californian road trippy track ‘Cadillac’. Both tracks are available from all digital retailers ahead of the band’s debut album set for release later in the year. A Black Honey headline tour starts on March 23rd and you can catch them at the Ruby lounge in Manchester on the 28th of March and the Invisible Wind Factory in Liverpool as part of the Festevol Gardens event on the 30th April.


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