Liverpool bands: POLAR STATES


Last week on my show I did a Liverpool bands special featuring the best new and unsigned bands I could find that liverpool has to offer. I was lucky enough to get an exclusive preview of my favourite Liverpool band at the moment Polar States new EP, ELECTRIC which is due to be released on March 10th and I’ve been excited about it ever since.

Polar states are an indie rock 4 piece from Liverpool that formed in 2014, and have released several singles, including Under The Northern Sky, The Fire and Elizabeth. They have supported the likes of Little Comets and The Heartbreaks , if you haven’t heard of them yet you will soon.
I saw them live a couple of months ago at the 02 and the place was packed. I’d honestly never heard them before and only went because a friend who was promoting them had asked me to, but it was a great night, loads of energy and songs that infect your soul – I was an immediate fan. They have been hovering on the brink of stardom for the last few months and I have a gut feeling it’s going to happen for them in 2017. When I told their lead singer, Paul Tong of this feeling he said “are you psychic? It would be pretty awesome if you were'”and I said “I might be, you never know, it’s happened before“…so for their sake I hope I am and that their new EP ELECTRIC finally propels them into something big. They say they are going to donate all the profits from downloads of this ep to a charity close to their hearts , so if you get it not only would you be downloading great music you can also feel virtuous doing it. I’ve listened to the whole thing and trust me it’s brilliant. The first track I played on my show, GOLD, is my favourite from the ep with a melody that plays in your mind for days and relatable lyrics ( to me anyway) such as ‘you get me up again and it’s 4 in the morning still- I’m a fool to let you in but to be honest I always did, you know‘ it’s more poppy than the rest of the ep but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s pop with an edge and I like that and it’s a track I admit to playing on repeat

The second track I played from the EP is called ‘EVERYTHING’ and has a tinge of late 1960s psychedelic feel to it. The song is basically about having the guts to be yourself and not caring what people think. The lead singer and songwriter Paul said “You know that feeling when people are kind of telling you how to live your life? So I wrote it about just being yourself. It’s a bit of a f*k you to society, I’m happy to be where I am”

You can catch Polar States live on Friday the 24th at Zanzibar in Liverpool hosted by ‘this feeling’, described by Noel Gallagher as “the best club in the UK for future rock and roll stars” thanks Noel, hope you’re right and Polar States are the sound of the future


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