Elephant Bay


Elephant Bay are my friend John Taylor’s band and I would love for people to listen to them because to be frank, they’re actually a decent band and to quote John “ELLIE are u on radio one yet? I need my band to be famous ’cause I’m definitely failing uni’
Well I’m sorry I’m not quite Annie Mac yet but this is the best I could do.

The band hail from Clitheroe which is about as generically northern small town as you can get. Originally formed in 2014 as an acoustic duo, they rebirthed in January 2016 as a 5 piece alternative(can someone please remind me of the difference between alternative and indie?)rock band.They now feature the welcome addition of two female vocalists/guitarists, Emily on lead and Bella on backing vocals.

They describe themselves as combining influences from both classic and modern style rock with soft-toned female vocals. They put on an energetic live performance at the Ferret in Preston a few months ago and you can watch it here, and tomorrow night they are playing live on the shift radio station at the shift studios.

Elephant Bay achieve a feel-good vibe with engaging and original songs and melodies. They are as yet unsigned and are currently in the process of producing their debut EP as a five piece. I hope it gets them noticed. Watch this space!

John Taylor bassist for Elephant Bay

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